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 Xi'an lofty Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Yuanda Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., Xi'an, founded in 1996, is a collection development, production and sale of automotive electrical system components for industrial enterprises. Main products: automotive electronics, automotive control wiring harness. Is one of the important qualified for the points Shaanxi Automobile Group, LLC.

2012 by ITEFCEWC company Hongqing contract settled Baqiao District Industrial Park, the company plans covering 30 acres. Now occupies 23 mu, building area 10,003 thousand sq. Company's existing plant, equipment and other fixed assets of 50 million, and employs more than 180 people. Has special equipment for processing of automotive wiring harness with more than 150 sets of tooling. Where: electronic automatic crimping machine downline five; electronic automatic assembly line machine 5; automatic stripping machine 3; semi-automatic crimping machine 50; auto harness assembly line 3; electronic wiring harness test bed 5; 25 tons punching machine 2, etc., to set up a sub-company in Neimengwuhai; while holding up in Xi'an; in Xi'an and Canada, "Canadian Automobile Co., Ltd. can add" joint venture "plus plus energy (Shaanxi) Automobile Co., Ltd." "Shaanxi Qin Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.."

As a qualified Shaanxi Zhongqi important for one-party company involved in the development of domestic conversion Shaanxi Zhongqi Deron series models, models for the series production of the first car out of the localization of the first set of the full range of vehicle wiring harness for Shaanxi Zhongqi Deron overtaken domestic models made a great contribution. For decades the German MAN company producing products strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of production, strict requirements of product quality, people-oriented, 2012 in the case of the global economic situation is bad, the company (including subsidiaries) output value billion mark for the first time.

Focus on the further development of the automotive industry electrification, has been (ranked second automotive electronics instrumentation industry) and Shanghai Delco Electronics Instrument Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation framework agreement to jointly develop the production of the next generation in Xi'an modular automotive electrical products to meet the car Distributed by the manufacturer to supply modular, integrated supply requirements.

"Great people" always focus on customer needs, and always maintain and continue to pursue, "customer-centric, to achieve zero customer complain; to improve the quality guarantee system, the pursuit of zero defect products." Adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, people-oriented, integrity and win-win" business philosophy, relying on the world's most advanced German MAN technology and processes for product innovation, improvement. To meet the different needs of each stage of development clients.